About us

Åland Maritime Museum is a charitable trust dedicated to caring for Åland's maritime heritage.  Since summer 2012 we have also held responsibility for the museum administration of the Pommern, which is owned by Mariehamn town.

Our origins lie in the 1920s when Åland sea captain Carl Holmqvist started to collect nautical objects, realising the days of sailing ships were over.  In 1935 he co-founded Åland Nautical Club with the aim of establishing a maritime museum for Åland.  The museum, the older part of our building today, eventually opened in 1954.

Through contributions from Åland seafarers and shipping companies the collections continued to grow.  In 1986 Åland Nautical Club donated all museum objects, archives and the library to the newly formed trust Åland Maritime Museum.

Our vision

To be a world class museum with a strong local presence, a museum that inspires dedication and pride

Our mission

To manage and mediate Åland's maritime heritage, with reference to the present and to the future

To promote a greater understanding of maritime Åland by
· Sharing knowledge of the tangible and intangible aspects
· Maintaining and developing collections
· Encouraging and assisting research
· Providing a forum for maritime activities and actors
· Serving in local, regional and international contexts


OPEN DAILY 11:00 - 16:00 

open daily 10:00 - 17:00