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Follow the renovation of Pommern

A lot of people are wondering what is happening with the Pommern. Here you can follow the work and renovation progress.

The sailing ship Pommern has been moved to her temporary berth where we will temporary roof her to allow the removal and replacement of the main deck. Also the Jigger mast is undergoing a rehab and a completely new visitor experience is being planned. Since Pommern will be closed for visitors during the renovation period The Åland Maritime Museum will let you follow the work progress through social media; here on our web site, on Instagram @alandssjofartsmuseum and on our Facebook page. So make sure not to miss anything - follow the Åland Maritime Museum!

March 2018

In March we will be done with the deck project; we have finished caulking and pouring pitch in the seams! Now some fine adjustments follow and treatment of the wooden deck. A launch of a new website will take place in March and updates from Pommern and the work carried out on board will have a different look. We thank everyone who faithfully followed the renovation work here on our homepage, Instagram and Facebook!

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February 2018

We hope and believe that we will be done with the deck (caulking and pouring pitch in the seams) within February. The evaluation document and plan for upcoming restoration work in the officers' quarters is done. We are preparing for the new visitor experience on board.

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January 2018

We are caulking, pouring hot pitch in the seams and scarping off the pitch remains on the wooden main deck. Other ongoing projects take place in the steward's cabin and the carpenter's workshop. We are working on an evaluation document and plan for upcoming restauration work in the officers' quarters. 

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December 2017

Caulking is in progress and we have reached about half way. In average, three layers of oakum are added in the seams followed by three layers of hot pitch. When the pitch is solid, we scrape off the remains. The wooden deck is then treated with an alkyd oil with good penetration abilities.


November 2017

In November, we are caulking. We first put oakum in the seams which we then pour boiling pitch over. Otherwise, the renovation of the carpenter's workshop continues and the steward's cabin get's a makeover. The jigger mast and gaff have been sandblasted and are now being painted. New blocks are being made for the jigger mast.

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October 2017

The final new deck plank is laid! We are continuing to plain the deck plank edges and soon we will start the caulking. 

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September 2017

Soon the wooden deck is finished laid on the main deck. We are planning to start the caulking in the end of September/beginning of October.

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August 2017

We are working on the new deck. We are also preparing for the new visitor experience on board. Regular maintainance work is restoration of the captain's saloon's skylight and restoration of the carpenter's workshop.


July 2017

We are continueing to lay the new deck. Circa 600m2 deck is being layed, circa 5100 deck bolts are being used, circa 570 kilograms oakum will be caulked and circa 100 kilograms pitch will be poured down the circa 5,5 km long seam.

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June 2017

We are laying the new deck. Before laying the deck planks, bolting and plugging we plain and shape the planks to fit the underlying steel deck.

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May 2017

We have blasted the steel main deck and now we are painting it in order to keep it from corroding. The new wooden deck planks will be plained starting this month and hopefully we will be able to start the procedure of laying the new deck soon. 


April 2017

The old deck planking is now removed and unloaded from Pommern. The green house plastic is now covering Pommern completely. DC svets is working with the steel deck; welding new steel where the old is in too poor condition to be saved. During April we will blast and paint the steel deck. The restoration of the fo'c'sle is completed.


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March 2017

The crew and our volunteers are working hard with the deck change onboard! Covering Pommern with greenhouse plastic has taken more time than we thought due to the weather but that doesn't stop the guys! We have removed the old deck planking and the deck bolts as far as the plastic cover allows. We have unloaded the removed deck planking through the hawsehole down a specialdesigned slide. Our boatswain is preparing sheep fat that we are going to use as protection against corrosion and water for our deck and bolts. Remember to take a peek at our Facebook page and Instagram where we upload photos and videos of the whole work progress. 

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February 2017

We are continuing to work on covering Pommern with greenhouse plastic. One of our inventive museum technicians has constructed a hatchway for the temporary roof so we can get timber onboard. He is also constructing a door so the crew can enter Pommern. We have started to tap and break the deck bolts and you can find two videos of this procedure at our Facebook page and our Instagram. You will find the Facebook video under videos: Pluggarna flyger! We are also restoring the oil storage room and fo'c'sle, these tasks are parts of the ordinary maintenance work onboard.


January 2017

Pommern was moved from her regular berth November, 29 2016. At our Facebook page you can see a film from the tow. You will find it under videos: Pommern flytt november 2016.

The Jigger mast was removed on December, 1 2016. Two cranes lifted the mast and now the Åland Government's workshop will restore the steel mast and the gaff while Pommern's own crew will work with rope, wire and crow's nest. The Jigger mast is in need of a thorough rehab and the last time a larger restoration was done to it was 1991-1992.

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The crew is working on a temporary roof for Pommern. It is taking more time than usual to cover Pommern for the Winter since we are covering the whole weather deck, usually we only cover the forecastle and the poop deck. But this time we are covering the entire weather deck so we can work with the main deck not having to consider weather changes. At the moment we are waiting for a calm day weatherwise, so we can cover the wooden framing with greenhouse plastic - our volunteers are our greatest assets and we are lucky to have such a dedicated group of hardworking men and women!

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So stay updated on the latest news of Pommern and the Åland Maritime museum!


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