Viapori dockyard

Enigmatic Engines

Hot Summer

Voyages with the Chief and Sally Jones

Gösta Werner - Tales from the Seven Seas

Viapori dockyard - a bridge to the future

8th June - 8th October 2017

The Åland Maritime Museum displayed Viapori dockyard - a bridge to the future in the exhibition area for smaller exhibits.

The exhibit was on loan from The Maritime Museum of Finland in Kotka and it shows a selection of photos from a larger photo exhibition. The photographer and journalist Jacopo Brancati is specialized in maritime history and he has worked for several European museums and magazines. He started to document the Viapori dockyard in 2011 with the aim to bring attention to the dockyard and its ships, and in this way contribute to preserve the Finnish heritage. The Viapori dockyard boast an almost 300 years uninterupted activity. Where once galleys and war frigates were built, today ships with historic significance are repaired or restored. Every winter the dockyard shelters what is left of a fleet of wooden sailing ships built in the aftermath of the second World war for the coastal trade. Thanks to the tenacity and passion of two generations of people who sailed and lovingly preserved them, some ships survive to the present day.

Photo: Jacopo Brancati

The kantele player and composer Arja Kastinen has created a soundtrack for the exhibition.

The exhibition "Viapori dockyard - bridge to the future" is produced by Viaporin Telakka ry. 



 Enigmatic Engines

A fascinating exhibition about marine engineering and technology

6.12 2015 - 5.3 2017

Makaloêsa Maskiner logo bi

Engines are amazing. However, for those of us who are somewhat technically challenged, they are also something of an enigma. How come a steam or diesel engine can put a ship in motion? How does it work? That’s the question we wanted to investigate in the exhibition “Enigmatic Engines”.

The exhibition is produced in cooperation with the engineering association Tvärstyckarna, who have renovated a diesel engine and one of the museums smaller steam engines, which were on display in the exhibition.

Enigmatic Engines is an exhibition that has something for everyone. The children have their own workshop where they can file and screw nuts, build pipe systems etc. We also have a station where you can try out how a controllable pitch propeller works.




Hot Summer

Photographs from sailing ships

12.5 - 11.9 2016

The pictures in this exhibition were taken in the 1920s and 1930s, during voyages in warmer latitudes. The trade winds of the tropics are the most reliable in the world. When sailing demanded less effort, more time was spent on maintenance; such as treating rust, caulking and mending sails. The crew had more free time on their hands, which they spent building models, playing music and doing sports. They would also wash clothes and get their hair cut.

17 Birger Strömbergs album

45 Boris M Lindholms album


Voyages with the Chief and Sally Jones

17 September 2013 - 13 September 2015

"Voyages with the Chief and Sally Jones" is a popular exhibition, especially among children and their families. It is now traveling to the Maritime Museum in Gothenburg. If you are interested in hiring the exhibition, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

It is the beautiful description of shipping and seafaring life in Jacob Wegelius' award-winning book The Legend of Sally Jones that sparked the idea and forms the basis for the exhibition "Voyages with the Chief and Sally Jones". The book's protagonist is a gorilla, Sally Jones. As an infant, she is captured by poachers and grows up among humans, far away from the wild jungle where she was born. Sally Jones is bought and sold, used and let down several times. There is a lot of tragedy in the story, but it is not only gloom. Sally Jones also gets to experience friendship and belonging, mainly through the Chief, with whom she sails across the seven seas.

This is an exhibition that appeals to both children and adults, says Heidi Viktorsson, curator at the Åland Maritime Museum. We have created a spectacular environment, including a 9 meter long ship, a sailortown bar and a jungle. It is a tactile exhibition which is to be experienced with all senses. Its physical form appeals greatly to children, but the content is also thought-provoking for adults. 



The focus in the exhibition is on various maritime themes in the book The Legend of Sally Jones, such as trade routes, work on board, harbour life and smuggling. In the book, one can also perceive a story of alienation and homesickness. With this exhibition, we want to stimulate thoughts about what a home really is and how to find it, says Viktorsson.

In line with the museum’s policy, the exhibition is accessible to all and trilingual (Swedish, Finnish and English).

The displays are designed and build by the carpenter Sture Ahlström. Textiles by Reet Horner and Madeleine Caldén. 

Sponsor: Alandia Insurance


Gösta Werner
Tales from the Seven Seas

5 June - 16 August 2015


Gosta Werner2

The modernist marine artist Gösta Werner (1909-1989) spent many years at sea before becoming an artist. He sailed in many ships and under many flags, for example three years in the Åland ship Killoran. His time as a sailor was an influence in Werner’s art. Several motifs from different points in time in one single painting is characteristic for Werner, as is the use of quotes and words running freely across the painting.

Some of the paintings in the exhibition are owned by the Åland Art Foundation. 




OPEN DAILY 11:00 - 16:00 

open daily 10:00 - 17:00