A museum for children

There's a lot of fun to be had at Åland Maritime Museum. The Maritime Museum's exhibitions are interactive for real. There's a ship's mast to climb, a life raft and several living quarters to enter into, a cargo-handling jigsaw and a bridge simulator. Our mascot, Ruby the ship's rat, has her own mini displays dotted throughout the museum; see if you can find them all. 


Ruby och Havet barn

Ruby and the Sea

Our updated children’s activity room is an amazing fantasy world for kids all ages. Open daily, welcome!

Mermaids, a ship wreck, corals and fish meet you in Ruby and the Sea. You can join a research boat and discover the ecology of the sea. How is the sea doing, really?

In Ruby and the Sea accessibility is key, so we have installed an elevator in the room so that everyone can reach the surface.

Ruby and the Sea is built and planned together with Sture and Johnny Ahlström, they also created our popular children’s exhibit “Voyages with the Chief and Sally Jones” which was shown at the museum 2013-2015.

Alandia Försäkring, Eckerölinjen and Optinova are financially supporting the realization of Ruby and the Sea.


Ga pa skattjakt

Go treasure hunting

To go treasure hunting is both fun and educational. Aided by a quiz that you pick up at the reception desk, you can explore the museum and discover our thrilling and curious objects. As a reward for completing the quiz, you get to pick your own token treasure from our treasure chest to bring home as a memento of your visit at the Maritime Museum


Ruby welcomes all kids, big and small, to Åland Maritime Museum!



OPEN DAILY 11:00 - 16:00 

open daily 10:00 - 17:00